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We try to stand by you with our team working, we are your shipping forwarding assistant. Your one-stop Int'l Shipping service assistant with 12 departments: Battery shipment handling, Warehouse overseas management, Int'l Courier, Transit cargo shipment handling......

Your One-stop Int'l Shipping Service Assistant with 12 Departments

Why Should You Choose FRONT LOGISTICS

SHENZHEN Front Logistics Ltd. Date of establishment: Spring, 2007, offering full range of services on international shipping forwarding. We specialize in cargo forwarding From China to S.E. Asia, USA, EU, or from other countries export to China, our service cover all ports in China includes HongKong, TaiWan, Macau. Our business is based on an individual approach and special attention to our customer’s needs and requirements. We are handing shipment with proper attitude, coordination, information of the logistic processes and total control at all its stages.


Our operators should be trained to be expert for the different logistics stage, your shipments would be taken care when it is leaving the production line and afterward.


When problems occurred, the people on-spot will combine the manager to find the main point and get it throughout, never push it away.


We Are Your Shipping Forwarding Assistant

Logistics Solutions Across The Globe


  • Q Your freight forwarding service can cover which port in China?

    1. We can offer the airfreight and seafreight service at the port of North, East, South of China .
    2. service for  West of China, especially for the railway port. 
    3. Include Hong Kong. Macao,TaiWan.
  • Q If I only have a sample about 1kgs. How can I choose the freight forwarding service?

    We have account of DHL FedEx, UPS. You can use the courier service:  economic ,door to door. faster.
    Well, some client also use courier for 1000kgs shipment.
  • Q I am an Amazon seller. How do you support me, wait for the freight forwarding service?

    We offer seafreight, air freight, and railway, courier service from China to FBA, one-stop service.
  • Q I have battery (UN3480) shipment in China. What the service you can offer?

    1. We could guide you to offer the document for the battery  shipment.
    2. we offer sea freight, air freight, and courier service for the battery shipment.
  • Q We want develop the business export to China. How you support me?

    1. We poccess  freight network all over the world.
    2. We offer pick up service. Custom clearance. Seafreight, airfreight from your country to China.
  • Q If my cargo need the warehouse service in Free zone in China, how you support me?

    1. We offer service in the warehouse of Free zone in  North,East, South of China. 
    2. We can combine your shipments  in the warehouse and ship them from the warehouse in Free zone to your country.
    3. If you want service in the warehouse in the normal warehouse.It will be easier.
    4. warehouse service include pick pack ,labeling, sorting,and so on.
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08 18, 2022
LCL by Seafreight services department

We provide ports in China, including Hong Kong shipment: can combine the shipment of 0.1~3 cubic meter and the cargo of battery.We also provide LCL shipping services "from other ports in all over the world to China," and International LCL shipping service " from other countries to your country".

08 18, 2022
About the international courier service department

China is a country where factories are concentrated. DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT, and their service accounts are more focused in greater China. We can link to a lot of courier accounts.To meet your needs for different samples and quick delivery.

08 18, 2022
Your logistics department of FBA goods

Namely - DDP terms under the title of the third party, you only need to give the packing list and goods, we can send them to the place you designated, you don't need to do extra work, this is our Transportation department for FBA goods: including air freight, sea freight, courier delivery, send goo

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