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Freight Service to Russia

Your international transportation assistant-The shipping service between China and Russia :we offer shipping service by sea ,by air ,by road(China TIR truck from China directly to Russia ,no need change any other truck during the time:For example: from Shenzhen to Moscow about 12 days. )
Seafreight+railway (From Shanghai -Vladivostok -(by railways)Moscow about 35 days. )
By Seafreight (From Shanghai to Vladivostok about 8 days.)
By railway (From Si Chuan,China,to Moscow ,Russia,about 27days )by railway ,from China to Russia (Moscow) or from Russia to China.
To offer shipping service to you base on the DAP and DDP.
If need ,we can ccollect the money of the goods and freight in Russia for the shipper in China. to speed up the trading between China and Russia.
Always at your side!

Air Freight Route

Rail Freight Route

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