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International Transportation Service 1

Your International Transportation Service Assistant

A freight service company, if it has advantages on all routes, is unlikely, but there is a possibility: some shippers will entrust the cargo of all routes to one Forwarding company. Why?

Because it is trustworthy and it can link to appropriate transportation resources, he has a senior shipping operation team, it has a stable working step, etc., to be as a reliable international transportation service assistant, as your faithful assistant, we provide but not limited to the following services:

Online training (free), consulting (free), offer transportation solution/supply chain solution(free); place booking, transportation, warehousing, sorting and other supply chain management services.
Yes, we would like to be your assistant of international transportation resource, the assistant will link the transportation resources suitable for you.

Optimize your supply chain. Our transportation service department is very comprehensive and professional, and we hope to meet your international transportation demands. (including: from the worldwide to China, China to the worldwide, and among the countries in the world), always at your service.

International Transportation Service 2

Your Transportation Department for Transit Trade Goods

On January 1, 2022, the RECP agreement was officially implemented. We could link the transportation resources and factory resources of the 15 RCEP member countries to expand your trade and market areas. In this process, we are your faithful and professional transportation solution provider.

And an assistants of transportation services provider, the scope of services can be from China to third countries. Then from the third country to the destination country, or from overseas through a third country and then from the third country to China!

International Transportation Service 3

Your Department of Logistics Services for "Export to China"

We focus on the present as well as the future. In the future, China's purchasing power from the government to the folk, may become bigger and bigger,

so the trade channel of export to China will be opened more and more quickly. In this process, we will link the customs clearance resources of various ports in China for you, so as to smooth the trade channel of "export to China".

To plan a reasonable cost route safe and smooth logistics solutions, and become your faithful transportation service assistant.
How to plan the customs declaration plan for the first-tier brand shoes exported to China?

The shoes of a certain first-tier brand have a lot of inventory in the market outside China and have become unsalable inventory. However, consumers in the China market like these shoes very much. Inventory + China consumer demand promotes the export to China International trade.

The characteristics of shoe inventory products: there are many specifications, and the quantity of each specification is very small. However, when China's customs declares at the customs, each declaration form can only allow 20 specification names, sometimes there are some shoes in a batch of inventory of overseas exporters 2000 specification names even more. At the moment we need to show more strength of customs declaration resources and customs declaration operation services; What we did in the case was: appropriate customs declaration resources, customs declaration scheme and exquisite customs declaration tracking service.

Use reasonable cost and appropriate time to help customers complete customs clearance, so as to timely enter the China market. And met in time for the peak sales season. Our related experience and team are formed, and related programs are recorded for later coming cases. If you want to do "export to China" trade, want to develop the market in China, you are welcomed to contact us, we shall be your faithful transportation service assistant. Let your goods safely and smoothly arrive in China in accordance with your sales plan.

International Transportation Service 4

Your Logistics Department of FBA Goods

Namely - DDP terms under the title of the third party , you only need to give the packing list and goods, we can send them to the place you designated, you don't need to do extra work, this is our Transportation department for FBA goods: including air freight, sea freight, courier delivery, send goods to your designated FBA warehouse with the title of a third party.

For your information: in some countries, such as the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, can also do some VAT deferred operation services.

International Transportation Service 5

About the International Courier Service Department

China is a country where factories are concentrated. DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT, and their service accounts are more focused in greater China. We can link to a lot of courier accounts.To meet your needs for different samples and quick delivery.

International Transportation Service 6

LCL by Seafreight Services Department

Our Service cover all the ports in China, including Hong Kong shipment: can combine the shipment of 0.1~3 cubic meter and the cargo of battery.We also provide LCL shipping services "from other ports in all over the world to China," and International LCL shipping service " from other countries to your country".

International Transportation Service 7

International Air Transportation Service

During the epidemic, some materials need to be transportated quickly. We provide CX Cathay Pacific airways,which, offering direct flight service from Hong Kong to a lot of airports of the world, from other airports around the world to China.

We shall help you arrange the flight from Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou international airports ( famous international cargo airports in China). In these international cargo airports, our colleagues are busy in and out of the cargo terminal of the airport all day long-taking care of your goods, assisting your goods customs clearance smoothly ,then timely boarding.

International Transportation Service 8

Seafreight by Containers Loading and Shipping Service Departmant(FCL)

More than 90% of the world's cargo is transportationed by sea. Many shipping line's operations are based in the Asia-pacific region close to China.

We are work with them under long-term dealings , We could coordinate their resources for your kindly demands.

During the current epidemic, seafreight is high and shipping schedule is very unstable. We will speed up to get shipping space at a reasonable price, and provide you with empty containers and truck hauling services in time.

International Transportation Service 9

Your Departmant of International Transportation Service for Battery

The international transportation of batteries is always confronted with the problem of space shortage. We will evaluate the condition of your cargo to select the right shipping line, conduct reasonable pre-filing of battery information, at the right price, and timely shipping , to meet your battery shipping demands.

International Transportation Service 10

Your Department of Drop Shipping Service

If you are not staying in China, but you want to purchase goods on China's Taobao and other e-commerce platforms and ship them out of China; At this moment, you may need a team to help you collect all the small orders in the Warehouse in China, and finally do the international delivery according to your requirements, that is to say: make a big package to ship to your country, or you buy a lot of things on China e-commerce platforms such as Taobao, or you want to send one by one to different countries; At this time, you may need a team to help you sort and ship them out of China according to your needs.

We provide you with a warehouse , with a sorting team, with international shipping services, we remain at your disposal.

International Transportation Service 11

Departmant: International Railway Transportation (China Europe Express)

Our rail transportation department offer you a selection of stable rail routes. You can start from Xi 'an, Yiwu, Cheng Du, Chong Qing, Wu Han, Guang Zhou. Let the goods go through the whole mainland of China to your hand by the railway.

International Transportation Service 12

Used Car Parts Transportation Department

In Recent years, many internal combustion engine cars have been phased out in China, and many cars have been scrapped in advance. Many auto parts are of very good quality, including Japanese series, European series and China series.

The auto parts are 80% new ,we can help you complete the export customs declaration in China and delivery them to the port of your country. If necessary, we can also help you complete the customs declaration at the port of your country.

International Transportation affair: Welcome you to our partner to offer more service to more company and more people.

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