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Your international transportation service assistant

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A freight service company, if it has advantages on all routes, is unlikely, but there is a possibility: some shippers will entrust the cargo of all routes to one Forwarding company. Why?

Because it is trustworthy and it can link to appropriate transportation resources, he has a senior shipping operation team, it has a stable working step, etc., to be as a reliable international transportation service assistant, as your faithful assistant, we provide but not limited to the following services:

Online training (free), consulting (free), offer transportation solution/supply chain solution(free); place booking, transportation, warehousing, sorting and other supply chain management services.

Yes, we would like to be your assistant of international transportation resource, the assistant will link the transportation resources suitable for you.

Optimize your supply chain. Our transportation service department is very comprehensive and professional, and we hope to meet your international transportation demands. (including: from the worldwide to China, China to the worldwide, and among the countries in the world), always at your service.

Shenzhen Front Logistics Ltd.

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